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John Q at has been waiting patiently for this one…

The November 1991 issue begins, in my opinion, an incredible three year run of Source magazines ending in December 1994.  And as you guys and girls know, a plethora of great hip-hop albums came out between ’91 and ’94.  What a coincidence, huh?  Anyway, this issue stirs up some incredible college memories so bear with me.  The cover of this issue features both Queen Latifah and A Tribe Called Quest.  It just so happens that they both were the featured artists for my school’s homecoming concert in October 1991.  Tribe, my all time favorite group, had just released The Low End Theory at the end of September 1991, which I consider to be their best album and is also my #3 all time greatest hip-hop album ever (sitting just below [1] PE’s It Takes A Nation of Millions… and [2] Eric B and Rakim’s Paid in Full).  Anyway, me and this guy named Jay, who also lived near me in West Philly, took a special trip back to the record store in Philly on the last Saturday of September.  He had a car and there was no way I was going to say no driving back to Philly to pick up Tribe’s new tape.  As soon as I opened it and put the tape into his tape deck we were mesmerized.  So mesmerized, in fact, that we drove up and down Broad Street (I think it’s the longest continuous street in the U.S) listening to it over and over.  We even went to pick up some girls who also went to school with us and ended up driving all over the city just listening to the tape all day before driving back to school.  The girls loved it, too.  We couldn’t even eat!  I sat in my dorm room surrounded by other mesmerized people for the whole weekend so we were AMPED when they finally arrived for the concert a month later.  They lived up to the hype performing their classics and even freestyling about random items in the crowd or on the ceiling.  I can’t even remember Queen Latifah’s part of the show!  HAHAHA!

I have a couple of unreleased demo songs from The Low End Theory sessions (including “Georgie Porgie” with Grand Puba using the same beat from “Show Business” and an alternate version of “Scenario”) that I would like to post if some one tells me how the heck to burn songs from cassette tapes to my computer without too much trouble.

Some other highlights from this issue:

MC Essence is sued by Essence Magazine 

Phife Dawg with the hip-hop quotable for “Buggin’ Out”

Brand Nubian breaking up???

-The dangers of AIDS

-An interview with Chubb Rock, who mentions his top 3 MC’s

-The marketing of malt liquor only to African Americans and Chuck D suing St. Ides

Cypress Hill getting blunted

Record Report highlights:

-A Tribe Called Quest – The Low End Theory (rated 5) – And still a 5 out of 5 today in my opinion!  

Nice and Smooth – Ain’t a Da*n Thing Changed (rated 4)

Black Sheep – A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing (rated 4)

Brand Nubian – All For One/Concerto in X Minor (rated 5) – One of the only singles ever rated 5.  I bought it on vinyl and played the “Concerto in X Minor” remix to death.

ATCQ – Low End Theory

November ’91 issue RE-UP




  1. THIS ISH IS THE SH..T. Man, this is what I’m talking about. I, of course, loved the tribe interview. I was intrigued to find their state of mind in 1991. You know, the funny thing about that interview is that they feel the same way about the company. Another great thing from that time is that the Low End Theory still has the perfect vibe to it. I also enjoy the Queen Latifah interview.

    Anyway, good lookin on this issue and thanks for the big ups to referencing me in this post.

  2. I forgot to say that I hope you can get that outtakes from “The Low End Theory Sessions” because I been waiting to here the alternate version of Scenario.

  3. man, DOPE blog!! much respect!!

  4. Homecoming concert at your school by Tribe? Damn son, I’m jealous!

  5. sup,

    i wanted to give you mad props on what you do, the massive work you put in this… it’s much appreciated.

    i know a whole lot of people are looking for the old source magazines, being able to read those articles again and having them stored on your HD is dope.

    I believe you can generate much more traffic to this site and to the files themself, as i see they now “only” get around 50 d/l’s… guess you can easily have tons on every pdf you did… more other blogs should refer to you… simply cause its plain dope! To all other bloggers: give this guy a link.

    peace and respect

  6. Thanks for the supportive comments.

  7. Trust me, Vincent is my new hero….I’m going to be tossing a link in every post I do from here on out….haha

  8. Could you please re-up this issue ?


  9. @Frank – it’s re-upped!

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