Posted by: vincentlopez | January 21, 2008

On The Road Again

Just a quick note.  As I was driving to work today in the cold weather, I popped in one of my mp3 discs to get my blood pumping.  Now I drive an old car that my friends frequently laugh at but it gets me from here to there and the sound system really bumps.  So when I popped in the disc and put it on random, it immediately jumped to Nas‘ “One Love”.  From there, it jumped to “C.R.E.A.M.” by Wu Tang, “How Nice I Am” by World Renown, “Ex Girl To Next Girl” by Gangstarr, “So Ruff” by Redman, Nas‘ “Deja Vu” and finally “Feel The Vibe, Feel The Beat” by BDP.  I was bouncing around the car like a pinball and I noticed other drivers staring at me like I was having convulsions.  Man oh man, I needed that boost today.  It’s like a morning coffee, since I don’t drink real coffee.  Don’t you old guys just miss the days of making tapes (Maxell or TDK Type II 100 minute tapes were the only ones I bought) and playing them in the stereo?  I know Jaz @ knows what I’m saying.




  1. Hi there,

    Just dropping some lines to let you know that I’m really appriciating all this work you’re putting into scanning these old mags. I’m from Holland and over here the Source was only available from 1992. Dope to read all these articles from back in 1991. Keep on rocking!

  2. Wow it’s great to see that so many great rappers that are out today started out being in the Unsigned Hype section in The Source (like Common, DMX, Mobb).

    Nowadays the Unsigned Hype section usually counts for nothing.

    Great blog and I appreciate the work you putting in to it. I’mma download some issues a bit later.

  3. Ha ha… I feel you on the tape thing…

    It was only last year that the wife upgraded her car stereo from tape to CD…

    I was always all about the pause-button TDKs…

    Good work on the blog, mate… Keep up the good work, it’s much appreciated…

    If you get a chance, check out my blog of Hip Hop photography…

    All the best,

    Mark 563…

  4. Really nice work here.

    I especially like the source session.

    Check out my blog

    We talk about Hip Hop, Breaks, Soul and more…

    If you like my work let’s exchange links!

    Hit me up


  5. you are too kind Vince and props on this site and this issue, I had it once.

    I took a glimpse through the latest Source and asked myself what happened?

    Oh that’s right money, greed and fake and wack “artists” killing an artform.

  6. Each of the songs:
    Nas-One Love: I think it’s one of the weaker songs on Illmatic, but it still is amazing
    Wu-Tang Clan-C.R.E.A.M: One of the best hip hop songs of all time
    World Renown-How Nice I Am: Never heard it
    Gang Starr-Ex Girl To Next Girl: Classic
    Redman-So Ruff: Classic
    Nas-Deja Vu: Never heard it

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