Posted by: vincentlopez | January 21, 2008

Miuzi Weighs A Ton


Hot dog!  At 3:18 AM, almost two hours ago, my 3 year old son wakes up screaming from his room, “WAKE UP DADDY, IT’S TIME TO GET UP!!!”  Huh?  I turn over and close my eyes and the next thing I know he runs into my rooom and plops himself right on my bed talking about “Pop Tarts”.  It’s the crazy life of a single father, I tell you.   So now I’m wide awake and typing for you devoted readers and I still have to get to work.  That’s right, my job doesn’t recognize MLK Day so I’ll be off to work soon in this freezing FOUR DEGREE weather.  And that’s fahrenheit not celsius for those of you outside of the U.S.  Da*n, I hate the winter.  Sorry for being so grumpy today.

Anyway, I had mixed feelings about Public Enemy back in 1991.  While I knew that they were relevant and necessary in hip-hop, I felt that they had lost a step with Apocalypse ’91:The Enemy Strikes Black.  Was it the cheesy title or the emergence of so many other great groups in ’91?  I’m not sure but the album was missing that umph until Pete Rock rescued them with perhaps the best remix ever for “Shut Em Down”.  I played that maxi-single cassette so much that I wore out part of the tape.  But all in all, I still felt bad for pushing PE aside mentally.  I mean, this was a group that actually cared about the community.  They spoke out loudly and defiantly without fear or repercussion.  Remember that “Fight The Power” video?  And they had created, in my opinion, the greatest hip-hop album ever in It Takes A Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back.  All in all, though, Chuck still had the fire and spoke without fear, which shows in the interview from the October 1991 issue.

Some other highlights from this issue:

-The Fresh Prince of Bel Air comes back for a second season – My fellow West Philadelphian definitely executed his business plans well.

-Dee Barnes sues Dr. Dre after the vicious attack

Grand Puba with the hip-hop quotable for “Don’t Curse”

-An interview with the Soul Brother #1 Pete Rock Dear Nas, Hip Hop would truly be dead without Pete Rock and DJ Premier.  One Love

KRS-One interview about his new label and H.E.A.L. project

Marely Marl live from the suburbs

Common Sense as the unsigned hype featured artist – He’s come a looong way since then.  Imagine if he was never given that exposure by The Source.  What would he be doing now?  Teaching aerobics?

Record Report highlights:

Cypress Hill – Self Titled (rated 4)

Naughty by Nature – Self Titled (rated 4)

Poor Righteous Teachers – Pure Poverty (rated 4)

Showbiz and AG EP (rated 3.5)

Leaders of the New School – A Future Without A Past

October ’91 issue  RE-UP




  1. Cool Ish. I kinda forgot how big the whole Dee Barnes domestic abuse situation with Dre was. Anyway, good upload and I can’t wait for the Tribe joint.

  2. nice drop. thank you

  3. man, thanks soooooo much for this site…your saving me maaaad e-bay moolah!!! Got ya’ linked up


  4. Slow down man, ya losin’ ’em!!!!

    Like me….I’m still reading the second one. I love this though, great ish!

  5. But all in all, I still felt bad for pushing PE aside mentally.
    Real talk.

    There is NOTHING like pushing something aside,
    mentally. Nothing.

  6. Could you re-up this issue, please ?


  7. @Framk – it’s re-upped!

  8. I don’t get how Cypress Hill only got 4/5, it’s definitely 5 mics, it’s a top 20 hip hop album of all time.

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