Posted by: vincentlopez | January 19, 2008

The Choice is Yours

dls-dlsid.jpgNext up is the June 1991 issue of The Source featuring De La Soul on the cover.  De La Soul made the choice to abandon (kill) the  soft, daisy age image that plagued them with the success of their debut Three Feet High and Rising.  I had no complaints at all about the sudden change in De La Soul is Dead after picking up the tape.   The sound was much grittier and less happy so to speak.  The only issue I ever had with this album was that I bought the tape and had to fast forward the annoying skits, which wore on me after the first listen.  And I had to keep buying those expensive AA batteries for my walkman, too.  Yeah, I know I’m grumpy. 

Some other highlights from this issue:

The Genius (pre GZA days) speaking on commercial rap (his first single was “Come Do Me”, right?)

KRS-One with the hip-hop quotable for “I’m Still #1 Freestyle”

Eazy E having lunch with Republicans in Washington, D.C.

Lifers Group (I wonder if some of these guys are still alive and if the Scared Straight program has continued.)

Record Report highlights:

De La Soul – De La Soul is Dead (rated 5) – Would you rate this a 5 today?

Kid Capri – The Tape (rated 3.5)

YZ – YZ EP (rated 3)

Dream Warriors – And Now the Legacy Begins (rated 3)

Brand Nubian – Slow Down/To the Right (rated 4)

Gangstarr – Lovesick/What You Want this Time (rated 4)

That’s it for now. 

De La Soul – De La Soul is Dead

Here’s the June ’91 issue:



  1. Good ish form the source. Do you by any chance have a source mag where A Tribe Called Quest where the prominent feature like the Low End Theory album or just the group itself.

  2. The November ’91 issue has the Tribe Called Quest article and the review of The Low End Theory. I’ll post that issue in a day or two for you.

  3. Thanks for the Response. Hope you can visit my blog sometime and please leave a comment on a post and/or C-box.

  4. Thanks for sharing all this gems..
    It’s history!
    Saludos from Spain!

  5. “De La Soul – De La Soul is Dead (rated 5) – Would you rate this a 5 today?”

    Hell ******* yes. IMO DLSD is one of the best hip hop albums of all time, period.

    It never gets old, even the skits. I loved them then and I still think they’re the funniest skits ever now.

    5 mics? Man I’d give this De La album 10 kid.

  6. “De La Soul – De La Soul is Dead (rated 5) – Would you rate this a 5 today?”

    Absolutely NOT. It’s too long. Innovative yes, but seriously lacking any definitive joint that gets brought up on all-time lists. 4 Mics.

  7. […] got scans of complete articles. THIMK is running posts with complete scans of back issues. With this most interesting backissue. Which got a small article on Come Do Me in The Genius his own words back in […]

  8. Could you re-up this issue, please ?


  9. sorry, this is still up. I mixed it up.

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